Win a free 7 day Microsoft Dynamics AX audit worth € 4900!

On 30 June 2019 PerfXit will be 5 years old. To celebrate this, we will give away a free audit worth € 4900 in mid-July. Read more about how you can become the lucky winner and what our audit for Microsoft Dynamics AX exactly entails.

Prevent problems and save millions

Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures better automation. That is, if everything is set up correctly. But who offers insight into the risks of a wrong implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX? That’s us, PerfXit’s technical team, led by our CEO Alexander Weurding. We operate worldwide, from Miami to Paris and from London to Dubai.

After 5 years in this highly specialized market, we know exactly what to look out for during our audit. We know about all assumptions that are made and what pitfalls to avoid. In addition, we prevent your management from calling you to account. Research has shown that an average Microsoft Dynamics AX environment has 30 problems, of which 10 are high priority. We fix this and prevent problems from arising.

Your IT partners have rolled out Microsoft Dynamics AX within your company. As an independent expert, we check whether this has been done properly and where improvements are possible. This significantly increases the performance of your ERP software. That can bring you millions! You also save a lot of money because we remove risks. Sometimes we encounter ticking time bombs that can shut down a company for several days…

We are happy to tell you which tools we use and how you can use them yourself to stay in control of your ERP software. If we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.

How to win the free audit

If you win, we’ll visit you on location to get to know you, take a look at the data center and make sure we can access everything. On this first day, we clearly explain what we will do during the audit. From hardware to code and everything in between. After the full 7-day audit, we will discuss our findings with you at your location. Including substantiation and an action list. Do you want to participate? We ask the following from you: Do you want to participate? Enter your contact details and maybe your company is the lucky one where we will perform the audit worth € 4900!

Our customers believe in us:

“We had some performance issues in our Dynamics AX environment. To identify the root cause of the issues we did extensive searches with different partners; in the end we stumbled across Alexander and invited him to have a look at our environment. Within half a day he found the two major causes of the performance issues and managed to implement the fixes for this which caused a huge improvement in terms of generic processing speed. In the later steps of the performance analysis he helped us out to find more specific performance issues and guided us into solving these too. Alexander is someone with a huge and broad technological knowledge and is solution-oriented in his approach; he is always willing to help and above all a pleasant person to work with.”

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