AX Troubleshooting

Put a stop to all ERP misery

Your Microsoft Dynamics AX system runs far from optimal. IT specialists have been puzzling over problems for months and sometimes even years. Costs rise, the mood becomes increasingly oppressive. As CEO, project or IT manager, you want the solution right now. And that is what PerfXit delivers; we find every needle in an AX haystack and solve your ERP problems. Guaranteed!


24/7 available

When our AX Troubleshooters are called to help, the need is often high, very high. That is why we immediately check the cause of the poor performance or the risk that you are running. Because we know Microsoft Dynamics AX from the inside out, our experience with IT structures and our knowledge of Windows Servers, Vmware, Hyper-V, Equallogic, EMC and Cisco, your ERP system runs properly in no time and your company performs as you intended.

Common practice

Clients ask us daily: Why does PerfXit succeed in solving complex AX problems and does it not work for my people and regular partners? Simple; we are the experts among the experts. Every day we improve the performance of complex AX systems at home and abroad. We do not talk about problems, but we think in solutions. Logic and tenacity are our starting points. Nothing is taken for granted. For example, we do not assume that settings are correct and that the IT structure is correct. And then there is our network. When needed, we are assured of the help of other specialists and Microsoft Denmark, the founding fathers of Dynamics AX. So … need more specialism?


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