A smooth go-live

Gerard Donker, project manager Terberg Leasing

‘ Terberg Leasing started in 2014 a program for the implementation of a new Leasesystem to be developed. The realization of this ambitious plan was done in collaboration with various software companies, after which we started using the new system in early 2018. As part of the production preparation, the focus was also put on the performance of the system. The basis for the Leasesystem is Microsoft AX 2012; it is known that AX can give performance problems without a good approach.

To support the optimization of the performance, we contacted Alexander Weurding from PerfXit. His company had already been involved with Terberg before. The knowledge that Alexander brought in has been very valuable to get through the first phase of the go-live. At times of heavy taxation for the system – such as with heavy financial jobs – he was ready 24/7 and actively contributed to the implementation of the go-live. Thanks to his measures, the performance has improved and it is clearer for the managers what they can do to keep the performance going well in the future. The cooperation with Alexander was experienced as very pleasant. He is always available and offers his customers the right support when needed. PerfXit remains available to consult with, so that the performance will remain good in the coming years. ‘