Dynamics AX performance testing
Solve the slow performance of Dynamics AXTest your system

Dynamics AX performance testing

Certainty about performance

You think your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment runs like a dream? Think again. When PerfXit performs Dynamics AX performance tests, CEOs, project managers and IT specialists are usually surprised by the poor performance of their ERP system and the risks they run.

An Average of 30 errors in AX

On average, a Dynamics AX Performance test delivers 30 errors that impact the performance of the Dynamics AX system. 10 of these errors have high, 15 medium and 5 low priority.

High risk errors

High-priority failures can seriously jeopardize your business operations and must be resolved immediately to prevent unsatisfied customers and demotivated employees.

Perfxit offers a better understanding about your current performance and takes away the worries about your Dynamics AX system

Your route to faster AX performance

2. Hardware and Code check

Your hardware and code are checked and verified against over 100 requirements.

4. Reporting

A complete picture emerges from the monitoring and data collection. You will receive a full and well-structured report of the results.

During the 7-day scan your employees will be trained to use Microsoft Dynamics AX tools with confidence.

Let's optimize your AX system!


    No control

    Low speed


    Unhappy employees





    Peace of mind

    Properly functioning systems

    Secure and reliable system

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