Dynamics go-live insurance

Certainty about the perfect go live

Extensive testing, targeted training, phased introductions, first the basis and later all the bells and whistles. With the release of ERP systems, companies choose as much security as possible together with their software suppliers. Logically, the consequences of a system that crashes can not be overseen. But still there is always that doubt … Why? The specialists at PerfXit offer you certainty about a perfect go-live.
Microsoft Dynamics AX Go Live

The specialists

More and more project and IT managers choose the security of a go-live guided by PerfXit during the live running of their Dynamics ERP system. Our specialists check the system from A to Z, we check all settings and perform targeted tests. We know Dynamics like the back of one’s hand. We have accompanied many live courses in recent years and know better than anyone else where things go wrong. We solve problems before they damage your organization.

Our guarantee, your insurance

Your ICT partner has delivered an excellent ERP system, but you are told by your partner that unexpected things will always occur after the go-live. Not everything will go 100% as you would have liked, prepare yourself for some damage repair. A thought that gives you a stomachache in advance … How different is the go-live when PerfXit prepares and accompanies them. We dare you and your IT partner to guarantee that the go-live goes the way you expected. Because we are the absolute experts in this very special branch.

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