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The tool DynamicsPerf, which stands for Performance Analyzer for Dynamics is used by Microsoft Dynamics Support team, to diagnose performance issues with Dynamics products. It is a free tool that can be used by anyone. Dynamics Perf is developed by Premier Field Engineering at Microsoft for resolving performance issues.

The official description is as follows:

“Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics (DynamicsPerf 2.10) is a toolset developed by Microsoft Premier Field Engineering. This toolset is a set of SQL scripts to collect SQL Server DMV data and Microsoft Dynamics specific product data persisted into a singular database called DynamicsPerf. This allows for quick resolution of performance issues on Microsoft Dynamics products (CRM, AX, GP, NAV, SL)”

You can download the DynamicsPerf tool for free on Github. This link contains the performance analysis tool

The purpose of DynamicsPerf

The Dynamics perf performance Analyzer is to be used on a continual basis so it is important for administrators to understand the components that make up the tool to ensure all jobs and collectors are running.

Using DynamicsPerf

Be warned, the use and installation of dynamicsperf is not for beginners. It requires knowledge and skill with the microsoft dynamics systems. However, it is also a tool that exposes poor performance, monitors your dynamics systems well and allows you to quickly anticipate problems.

It is therefore a must for every company that makes extensive use of Microsoft Dynamics systems. This link contains an extensive description of Microsoft itself. It gives a detailed description of installing DynamicsPerf.

Installing DynamicPerf

If you are familiar with microsoft dynamics, the steps below will provide sufficient insight for installing DynamicsPerf

Before you start

You must complete the following before starting:

  1. Extract the DynamicsPerfxxx.zip file to a location to where you can browse from the database
  2. Make sure you have rights to create new databases on the database server
  3. Verify you have read access to the Dynamics Application database
  4. Verify also you have write access to the DynamicsPerf database (this database gets created as part of Performance Analyzer)
  5. Ensure you have created a local folder on the database server called SQLTRACE to store the extended event files that get generated

DynamicPerf Setup

  1. Run Script 1 Create Core Objects, this creates the DynamicsPerf database and all objects
  2. Run script 2 Deploy DynamicsPerf Schedules
  3. If DynamicsPerf is being installed remotely run script 3 Setup Linked Servers, otherwise skip this step
  4. Run Script 4 Configure DBs to Collect, specify your Dynamics Databases that you want to collect data for
  5. Run Script 5 Setup SSRS Data Collection, this will allow collection of SSRS Report performance data
  6. Run Script 6 Install Fulltext Indexes in DynamicsPerf database, must have FULLTEXT Index Service Installed
  7. Run Script 7 Deploy Extended Events, MUST BE RUN on SQL instance hosting your Dynamics application database, SQL 2012 and above only
  8. Deploy the Windows Perfmon counters
  9. For Dynamics AX, Edit the DYNPERF_COLLECT_AOS_CONFIG SQL Agent job, must put in connection information for Dynamics SQL and DynamicsPerf SQL
  10. For Dynamics AX, Import and Run the new AOTEXPORT class from DynamicsPerfScripts – Dynamics AX folder

Source: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/axinthefield/dynamicsperf-2-0-deployment-guide/

Problems with installing DynamicsPerf

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