What you do not know about your ERP system, but you should know.

What you do not know about your ERP system, but you should know.

What you do not know about your ERP system, but you should know.

AX Risk & Performance Scan’

What you do not know, but you should know

You have complete confidence in your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment, you think the performance is okay and no risks lie in the way. Legion CEOs, project managers and IT specialists thought so too, but now know better. They left PerfXit an AX Risk & Perform Performance Scan and were completely surprised by the poor performance of their ERP system and the risks they ran.

The score: an average of 30 errors

At an AX Risk & Performance Scan, PerfXit scans your Dynamics AX environment and IT structure from datacenter and hardware till code. Errors found and their consequences are mapped, the consequences outlined. On average, a Risk & Performance Scan 30 errors that slow down the performance of your system, of which 10 High priority, 15 medium and 5 low problems seriously jeopardize your operations and need to be resolved immediately to prevent unsatisfied customers and demotivated employees.

From our own experience we often see that employees do not report it anymore, because ‘nothing is done with it’. This is very dangerous for the continuity of the company.

The AX Risk & Performance Scan takes about seven working days. This does not have to be consecutive. On the basis of our extensive report with action list, you can tackle the errors in your system in a very specific way or have them solved by PerfXit. So you know in no time where you stand with your Dynamics AX environment.

Less risk, fewer surprises and more peace of mind in your IT department

The PerfXit AX Risk & Performance Scan prevents questions you wanted to know! From experience we know the well-known question from a CEO, CFO, IT Manaqer is: ‘Could you have known this?’ Currently you do not know. After the work of PerfXit you will not get this question because you are in control. Risks are a thing of the past, the performance – as the practice teaches – improves by up to 60%. Your ERP system runs oiled (again), the costs of the scan are recouped in no time.

Do you want to prevent a repetition of moves and in the future certainty about the performance of your Dynamics AX system and the risks you run? Then choose a support pack of a year. With this you are entitled to support to ask questions, a runbook is drawn up and together we ensure that the performance, even in the long term, remains good and the risks are minimized. We also share many standard procedures to ensure that the system continues to work optimally and that risks are prevented.


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