Over PerfXit Alexander
Over PerfXit Alexander

PerfXit: founded by Alexander Weurding

Alexander Weurding is the founder and driving force behind PerfXit. He is a household name when it comes to AX troubleshooting; for companies and organizations around the world, he solved numerous complex problems with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

“The IT department often struggled for months and sometimes even years with poor performance of their AX system. In order to get advice, the CEO or project manager flew me in. It is my expertise and challenge to find and solve the problem quickly, sometimes within a few hours. “

Scan as insurance

Could we have prevented this misery? Alexander Weurding invariably gets that question from CEO’s, project and IT managers after Dynamics AX turns stable again. He can only respond in the affirmative. “You do not know what you do not see. In Dynamics AX there are often many more errors than those for which I am called to help as a troubleshooter. These mistakes ultimately also result in reduced performance and extra risks. “

In order to detect these errors early on, PerfXit developed the AX Risk & Performance Scan. “And with that we are responding to a clear need. Companies and especially CEO’s and project managers want stability in their organization, look for a form of insurance. We offer this with this product. We ensure that you know what you did not know and can respond to it. “

PerfXit consists of a permanent team of specialists in addition to Alexander Weurding each with their specialism in the field of Dynamics AX. Feel free to contact us.