PerfXit only goes for quality

Efficiency is of utmost importance to us. If your employees, or even worse, your customers have to wait. This costs money en potentially damages your company reputation. Research shows that slow or bad functioning systems cause employees to get demotivated. This is detrimental to your overall performance.

Unique about PerfXit is that we have a perfect combination of knowledge, connection and communication due to years of experience. This makes us capable of solving your problems fast and effectively. In addition, PerfXit distinguishes itself by not working with fixed monthly subscriptions or contract models. PerfXit believes in “Call us when you need us”. Moreover, our vision is that companies using AX have to be capable to solve most problems independently. That is why PerfXit it makes sure that there is clear and extensive feedback, sharing knowledge on the fixed issues for education of the company employees.  Paid fees to PerfXit should therefore be seen as an investment. PerfXit primarily uses Skype for communication with clients. By direct communicating with a specialist, it is possible to answer short quick questions, like a ‘coach on the job’. Extensive knowledge in combination with this personal approach creates value for you in the form of fast solutions and an efficient functioning Dynamics AX.